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Update: Vocal Recording

Just a quick update on the recording process…

Dropped by Serious Business Studios in the SoHo area of New York City to begin recording vocals with Shannon Ferguson.

Things started a bit slow, but after getting a little “vocal juice” in me, things progressed even better than expected…

We wrapped the songs “The Greatest Trainwreck” and “The Holiday Song (For No Holiday in Particular.”  Sounds amazing and we even got Shannon’s assistant Hans in on the action for a little impromptu “hey-heying.”

Mixes are still at least a few weeks away, but know we’re still plugging along.

Oh, and tell Kat we got the cowbell part down while we were there too…

[Image via the Serious Business Music website]

Andrew Bulbrook in the Studio

We were so excited to have the Calder Quartet — one of the country’s premier string quartets — help us out on a few of the recordings for the new album.

Above is a photo I snapped of my dear friend, Andrew Bulbrook, working on an overdub.

Taken with my cellphone in Pete Min’s studio on August 4th, 2010.