I am excited.

The dates are set.  The travel booked.  The hotel…  Well, I still need to handle that.

Recording for World Blanket’s 3rd LP — still tentatively titled Create/Roadshow — will commence on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010, in Los Angeles, California.

We are proud to announce that the record will be helmed by producer Pete Min.

Pete agreed to help us after we approached him due to his success working with our friends The Airborne Toxic Event, whose eponymous debut album spent nearly all of 2009 on the Billboard Top 200 and brought the band and Pete to the #1 position on the Heatseekers chart.  TATE has become renown for their use of strings, and we’re anticipating Pete will be able to help capture and guide The World Blanket’s string-focused sound.

I am also extremely proud to announce our core line-up for this recording: Joining me (Mike Pomranz) will be Katherine Fong on violin, Dean Moore on bass and Jonathan Flax on drums.  Combined, these three musicians have amassed an impressive and eclectic array of professional credits performing and recording across the country.  Beyond being a dream team of performers, I consider them all close friends and we look forward to making a truly unique and inspired album together.

Additionally, the band has already began to cull a number of guest musicians who will contribute to making this record not only our most impressive on paper, but certainly musically as well.  More on these top secret details to come…

Create/Roadshow is a project now nearly two years in the making.  Fitting that I write this while sipping a glass of port.  Like that fine dessert wine, we hope to create an album with unmatched character and depth that will be as dignified to the senses today as it will be after years of aging.

Plus I want this album to get you drunk