The World Blanket is named after my blankie.  I didn’t have a blankie until I was 18 years old, but once I adopted one, I wondered why I hadn’t done so sooner.  This pale yellow blanket was always ready to keep me warm and provide me comfort.

My blankie was so convenient, it began to travel with me everywhere — which is part of the reason it was eventually stolen during a trip to New York City.  My desire for a blankie came late in life, so it’s not surprising it was stripped from me early.  Ours was a short romance.

The band was named in tribute to this blanket, with the added caveat that I hoped our music could wrap the entire world in the warmth and comfort that blanket provided me.

When we decided on that name, I was one of four guys in a small band in Philadelphia.  Today, the vision of a “world” blanket seems to be coming closer to fruition.  The four primary players for the next World Blanket album will be coming from three different cities: New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.  We’ll be recording in Los Angeles.  We’ve spread across the country expanding from our humble roots.

Hopefully, the prophecy of a “world” blanket is on its way…