Elevator (released 9.22.2008)

1) This Old West
2) i AM your king
3) Precious Little Things
4) This Sad Song
5) Lamppost
6) The Edge
7) Pony Show
8) Basement Sunshine
9) Conversation
10) …And The Cult

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credits as listed on the record:

The World Blanket is:

Grant Whittaker – drums, vocals, shaker, hand claps, walla, additional percussion
Jon Dunn – violin
Josh Solomon – bass
Mike Pomranz – vocals, acoustic guitar, hand claps, various percussion, noise

w/ guest appearances by:
Brian Finucane – bass on “i AM your king”, “Lamppost”, “Basement Sunshine” & “…And The Cult”;
Darren Morze – fire extinguisher, vocals;
Paul Perozzi – harmonica, vocals;
Claire Darling – vocals.

All songs written by Michael Pomranz.

Recorded and mixed by Darren Morze at Plan B Studios, South Philadelphia, PA on 2″ analog tape.
except “i AM your king”, “Lamppost”, “Basement Sunshine” & “…And The Cult” recorded and mixed by Grant Whittaker and Scott Herzog with additional mixing by Michael Pomranz.
additional recording by Grant at Libby’s Loft.

Produced by Grant Whittaker, Michael Pomranz & The World Blanket with Darren Morze.

Mastered by Gordon Rice.

The World Blanket logo was created by Jed Tamarkin.
Art design by Mike.