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World Blanket is now offering our new album 2012 for the price of PAY WHAT YOU WANT.

AKA the album is FREE IF YOU WANT!

We don’t want your money. We don’t want your email. We just want you to have the record if you want the record.

Get your copy via Bandcamp here.

We recently recorded this very emotional take on the Thin Lizzy classic “Got to Give It Up.”

Stream the song below and then head over to SoundCloud to read my thoughts on the experience and the backstory behind the song and the recording.

And if you like what you hear, please download the song for free.  Simply click on the “Download” button on the SoundCloud player.

This is the second song in our cover series. Check out our first cover, Syd Barrett’s “Let’s Split.”

And don’t forget, our third album — 2012 — is available now.  More info here.

New Album Out TODAY!


It’s here!  After 3 years in the making, World Blanket’s third album — appropriately entitled 2012 — is out TODAY: Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

It’s available on digital download sites worldwide, but our preferred seller is iTunesBUY IT HERE!

Don’t forget to attend our record release show in New York City at Mercury Lounge.  Ticket are available HERE.

And as always, thank you for your support.

We recently recorded a cover of the Syd Barrett song “Let’s Split.”

The song officially premiered this morning on the cover song blog Cover Me.

Stream the song below and then head over to Cover Me to read the full article.

Only 8 more days until the release of our new album, 2012.

Early Praise for ‘2012’

Our forthcoming third LP 2012 won’t be officially released until April 3rd, 2012, but the first reviews are already starting to roll in… and they are stellar to say the least.

First out the box was online ‘zine babysue, who honored us with a “TOP PICK”:

“Instead of coming across like another generic twenty-first century pop artist, [World Blanket’s] songs are decidedly different and slightly peculiar…. There’s a nice balance here of songs that are accessible and some that veer into some more obtuse territory…. We really dig Michael’s cool reserved vocal style…and we’re also wild about the strange lengthy experimental track that closes the album (‘2012 (Side B)’). Inventive stuff with a warm underlying coolness… TOP PICK.”

Read the full review here.

Next up was the blog This Is Book’s Music with an even more glowing take:

“[World Blanket] are a well-crafted pop band that bring to mind the delights of Elvis Costello and World Party, and what I like about this album is that you can play these songs individually, mess up the track order, and you still have a band who know and understand their power and strengths. There’s a lot of emotion packed in each of the 7 songs here, and this will be welcome to those who love singer/songwriter stuff without the fluff. As time goes on, music fans will be returning to this album to question the downfall of everything else, while music like that on 2012 will continue to hold up for generations to come.”

Read John Book’s full review here.

Thanks to both publications for all the kind words!  I mean, we thought the record was good, but, you know…