2012 (released 4.3.2012)

Track list:

1) The Holiday Song (For No Holiday in Particular)
2) The Greatest Trainwreck
3) And Here We Are (Again Maybe)
4) The Blues
5) Snooze Bar
6) Time Was
7) 2012 (Side B)

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credits as listed on the record:

World Blanket is:
Mike Pomranz – vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, claps, cowbell
Katherine Fong – violins, claps
Dean Moore – bass
Jonathan Flax – drums

w/ guest appearances by:
Pete Min – electric guitar on “The Holiday Song (For No Holiday in Particular),” effects
Michael Wall – piano on “The Blues”
Claire Darling – claps
Hans Hsu – “Hey!”
Darren Morze – all other trickery

“Snooze Bar,” “Time Was” & “2012 (Side B)” feature The Calder Quartet
Benjamin Jacobson – violin
Andrew Bulbrook – violin
Jonathan Moerschel – viola
Eric Byers – cello

“Snooze Bar” arranged for string quartet by Eric Byers

All songs written by Mike Pomranz

Recorded by Pete Min in Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Darren Morze in NY & NJ
Produced by Darren Morze & Mike Pomranz

World Blanket logo designed by Jed Tamarkin
“Blue Cat” by Joe Ongie