aMaybe (released 10.10.2006)

Track list:

1) Cold, Lonely
2) Fell The Sun
3) Up Up Up Up Up Up
4) Centipede
5) aMaybe
6) So So Awake
7) ‘Tile We Die (pt. 1)
8) Alrightalright Already
9) Lifelike Behavior
10) ‘Til We Die (pt. 2)
11) Junk
12) ‘Til We Die (pt. 3)

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credits as listed on the record:

the world blanket is:

grant – drums, piano, shaker, triangle, hand claps
jon – violin
mark – bass, trumpet, saxophone, hand claps
mike – vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard, hand claps, pitch pipe

w/ guest appearances by: ami – vocals, andrew – vocals, j.c. – cello, vocals

all songs written by Michael Pomranz.
except “So So Awake” and “Lifelike Behavior”
music by the world blanket., lyrics by Michael Pomranz;
and “‘Til We Die (pt.2)” music by Jon Dunn.
recorded, mixed and produced by Grant Whittaker at Slap Studios,
Philadelphia, PA.  co-produced by Michael Pomranz.
except tracks 1, 3, 6, 7 & 8 recorded and mixed by Matt Savoia with
Grant Whittaker.  additional recording by Grant at Libby’s Loft.
mastered by Scott Herzog at Third Story Recording, Philadelphia, PA.
additional mastering by Grant Whittaker.
executive producer: Doreen Titko

artwork by Jed Tamarkin.  design by mike.