Biographical Information Related to the Band:

“World Blanket boomed like a big-riff rock beast, despite acoustic guitar and violin dressing.” – SPIN

“…part Bob Dylan, part New York trashy rock n’ roll… sounds like a more modernized Rolling Stones.” – WXPN, Philadelphia

“Warm, violin-driven Americana keeps the listener consistently on their toes, never knowing what to expect next.” – Foxy Digitalis

Armed with the traditional folk rock instrumentation of vocals, violin, acoustic guitar, bass and drums, World Blanket layers elements of noise experimentation, punk aesthetics and classical orchestration onto indie rock songs built of modern pop, classic rock and psychedelic thought.

The band currently consists of vocalist and guitarist Michael Pomranz, violinist Claudia Chopek, bassist Ethan Fixell, keyboardist Vladan Mijatovic and drummer Juan Pablo Pastor.

World Blanket was formed in Philadelphia in 2005 when childhood friends Michael Pomranz and Grant Whittaker, together with bassist Mark Henasey, decided to scrap all the material their current project was performing and start from scratch. Unhappy with the direction the band was headed, the group sought a string player who could re-energize their sound. Violinist Jon Dunn was recruited and the new lineup was christened World Blanket — named after a childhood blankie Pomranz had recently had stolen from him.

Around this time, Pomranz penned the song “Cold, Lonely” — a tune he claimed was indicative this new direction. It became World Blanket’s inaugural song, appearing on their debut album aMaybe, and has helped guide the project’s musical direction since.

World Blanket made their live debut on February 12, 2006 at Philadelphia’s legendary, but now defunct rock club, The Khyber.

While recording their first album (aMaybe, released October 10, 2006 on No Applause Records), the band quickly realized that to achieve the full vision of their sound they would need instrumentation beyond their original violin, acoustic guitar, bass and drums lineup. These recording sessions quickly established the dynamic of World Blanket allowing themselves to have a fluid and rotating cast of “members.” It also began the dichotomy between the group’s orchestrated studio albums and their more bare-boned, rollicking, and often unpredictable live shows.

On September 22, 2008, the band released its second album, Elevator, now featuring Jon Solomon on bass and marking the group’s first time working with producer Darren Morze who would continue to be a major influence on subsequent recordings.

By 2012, Pomranz (having relocated to Brooklyn) remained the lone original member of the group as World Blanket released their aptly-titled third album, 2012. Recorded in Los Angeles with Pete Min and produced by Morze, 2012 was a benchmark for the group both in sound and songwriting.

Released on April 3 — the twelfth anniversary of mushroom guru Terence McKenna’s death — 2012 featured violinist Kat Fong, bassist Dean Moore and drummer Jonathan Flax. The record also saw significant contributions from The Calder Quartet. The psychedelically-tinged album expanded the group’s dedication to existential lyrical exploration and heady production.

Since the release of their third album, World Blanket has worked to assemble a consistent New York-based lineup. Bassist Ethan Fixell joined the group in 2013, quickly followed by Argentinian drummer and recent NYC-transplant Juan Pablo Pastor (making the group truly a “world” affair). Violinist Claudia Chopek joined shortly thereafter and the band has once again been playing live shows and preparing material for a fourth album.

[written 10.7.2013, revised 12.7.2013]